Hello, I am Eliezer Martinez.

An Art Director whose small Kansas roots first harnessed the bandwidth to step into lvl 50 wildy, then the courage to escape the Midwest–currently en route to NYC. A half Puerto Rican and a full caffeinated, I'm obsessed with culture and understanding human perspectives. From the come up between two worlds, I bring strategical thinking and a hungry perspective to defy cultural norms, along with an ever growing arsenal of mediums.

I lied–I’m not always online. You can find me amongst coffee, food, and laughter. The first I consume too much of, the second I volunteer quickly to cook, and the third... I’ll let you be the judge. Typically pausing these moments from behind my lens that's always stashed in my pocket.

Don't let the pronunciation of my first name scare you, I love to connect with new faces. So don’t hesitate and slide into my inbox.



email: eliezermartinez8@gmail.com   

phone:  (785) 844 - 3030