Hello, I am Eliezer Martinez.

A hybrid in many ways, I am a Creative Strategist by way of a small Kansas town, mixed raced family, and nearly unpronounceable name. All of which combined to create an obsession with culture and understanding human perspectives. 

But you have a BFA degree in Motion Design? Correct. With my design background and creative lens, I approach problem solving with design thinking and a strategical approach to better define problems and facilitate them through to the finish. Along with my mixed cultural perspective, I leverage both strategic left-sided thinking (in-depth research, audience behavior, consumer insights, competitive analysis) and also creative right-sided thinking (storytelling, design thinking, visual communication, creative direction) to understand, discover, and facilitate solutions that work.

Catch me amongst coffee, food, and laughter—the first I consume too much of, the second I volunteer quickly to cook, and the third... I’ll let you be the judge. More than likely I'm pausing these moments from behind the lens I always keep on hand.

Now don't let the pronunciation of my first name scare you, I love to connect with new faces. So don’t hesitate and give me a shout.



email: eliezermartinez8@gmail.com   

phone:  (785) 844 - 3030