Motion Design Explainer + Breakdown


Ringling Department of Motion Design


Use provided copy and bumper lockups to create a promotional video for department usage within department's floor. Inform prospective students, and their families, about the major through a visualization of provided copy. Provided Copy: "What is Motion Design" and "Motion Design is making a complex idea seem easy and accessible" 


The audience spans multiple generations with both families and donors visiting the campus. The floor where the content is showcased contains multiple screens, so grabbing and maintaining attention is necessary. Provided copy in itself would need a visual representation instantly understood across diverse age groups, with the context of quick tours in a media heavy environment.


Use the internal complexity of a vending machine as a visual metaphor for provided copy. This simple machine's functionality is understood and embraced at an early age. Yet, consumers desire for convenience disregards understanding the internal complexity when used. To maintain the audience's attention the typography would take form as part of the machine creating a visual bond as the viewer would have to watch to ingest the full sentence. Pacing of the sentence creates the opportunity to time both the text and visual resolution to be revealed at the same time, in order to achieve an "aha" moment.