Budweiser | United

Personal Project | Strategy, Director, Storyboard, & Editor

Without any budget and only a vision, I asked my friends to make something together–to make something that mattered. I was fortunate enough for them to give me their time, trust, and even their homes.


With the fear of the Millennial generation not being loyal, it is clear all industries will have to face trial. Millennials simply want more than clever or shiny marketing, they need assurance of themselves in a dynamically shifting world. This is a call to action for companies to share their voice as Millennial's purchase power has become a reflection of themselves–turning brands into a part of their own identity.


In the moment, media has made it difficult to see past differences. Although this issue is timeless, perspective allows the chance to tip the scale back again. Budweiser has the opportunity to share more than their rich history, but the history of what they've provided for so many friends. Sharing the universal feeling they've been a part of for years–Joy.


Embodying the connected present, let us toast to the future.