Hello, I am Eliezer Martinez.


Don’t worry, the first time we meet, I understand–trust me.

Born and raised in Kansas, I grew up exactly how you imagined. Living in a quiet, small town surrounded by farms ignited a curiosity within me. This turned to passion with exploring the idea of creative communication. 

I love to push the limits of learning, so it’s not uncommon to find me up late binge watching tutorials. I am always willing to accept a new challenge–but a fair warning if that challenge involves a little competition.

Although a workaholic, the idea of communication doesn’t stop at the keyboard for me–so let’s connect! If digitally isn’t for you, coffee or great flavor always fits in my day. Or perhaps you enjoy adrenaline, and a bit of danger like myself; in that case, I’m more than prepared to lay my family name down on a Ping-Pong table. 

Drop me a line anytime, let's collaborate!



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